Explore the depths…


there is an ocean of deserving miracles waiting to manifest

in the spaces between my lenses and your presence

enclosed between intersectional mechanics

I am the hands that guide,

the eyes that see you for all you are

let yourself unravel in design

while I work to capture your marvelous magic

and a memorable moment shared between you and I

is how we’ll trick time –

reminding ourselves that we are infinite as our true essence shines.

- Vizo's Voice

Photographs are a split second glimpse into life. Freezing a split second in time, so we can look back and remember, enjoy and/ or reflect. Celebratory times, ordinary times and even sad times... all of your experiences in your life help shape you, define you, enrich you and change you.

I love to photograph those split seconds of your experience, so you can look back and feed your soul with images of where you've gone, who you are and who and what you love to love... and I love to do this by taking pictures of real life... of your real world...not forced smiles, in awkward poses, sitting by a brook. I want you and your every day moments...because let's be real...how much time do you spend posed in a field or forest? I'm betting, not many! Let me capture you and those split seconds of your life, so you can look back and see you, being you...and being with the people and things that you love.


I offer "tale" sessions, telling your own personal narrative.

L&R, Creative Class Detroit

Styled Tale

Detroit, MI

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Here's to the good that found you and the great that awaits.