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I categorize and refer to what I offer as “tales” instead of sessions or shoots; this is because I’m a strong believer in your photos being more than that! Your photos are your story and should be about you.

All photography services include a full set of images delivered via a private online gallery and printing rights.

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Portraits | lifestyle: $500

Mirror Headshots: $125

I work to capture your life, your love, your soul by hanging out with you and your family and/or friends and capture candid shots. The split seconds of your time that reflect your real world, your real life....We all know reality tv, let me introduce you to reality photography!

Family, couples, small businesses, musicians... lets go to your favorite places and do your favorite things. We'll explore and have a great time being ourselves. 

Not all Professional Headshots have to be stuffy and dull; they should reflect you and/or your brand.

*Not completed in a studio*

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Capturing the excitement and magic of an elopement is an experience I just simply adore. How fun and exciting is a well-kept secret? That's what these ceremonies feel like to me! There is a charm and magic that I find in these very intimate ceremonies. I will capture images that will reflect the beautiful intimacy and excitement of your ceremony and create a magical tale that, for years to come, will bring you back to the moment your marriage began.

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intimate Weddings

Let the magic begin. You are putting a lot of heart/hard work into planning your big day; so, I know for sure you want every detail captured… even that beautiful wrapping you’ll spend so much time on for your favors! No worries, I got you. I love to capture all the little details that make up the spell for your special moment in time!

In believing that each love story is unique and special, I do not follow the same flow for every couple. We’ll meet up (physically or virtually) to plan things out and get to know one another to make sure your day is just like your love… straight up magic! I like to go the unconventional way to help you with a completely unique wedding photography tale, so that your images not only do complete justice to your magical tale but also allows you to go back to those very moments in the years to come.

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Wedding Packages

A Siren's Tale (Boudoir)

A tale as old as time...love.
loving your girl
loving your guy
loving each other
and even loving yourself...

I love to capture the intimate, sexy moments....that look between a couple, the curve of your hip, the strength of your bicep, the sexy playful smiles. My siren tale session will bring your love to life and create a photograph that will forever catch a moment when your body spoke of love in a way words just can't do.


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Styled Tales | Mentorships

Online or In-Person Mentoring: $150

Styled Tale Only: $300

Mentored Styled Tale: $350

The cost covers my planning your shoot but doesn’t cover what other vendors may charge if they aren’t collaborating.

We all know... knowledge is power. And this is very true and worthy advice to always remember but I also believe there is a great deal of power in giving knowledge, as well. Let me share my experience with you. I will share all my right steps AND my wrong steps to help the steps on your path to a successful business go smoother!

An hour of 1 on 1 mentoring. Includes a consultation to figure out what topics we’ll go over. We can go over marketing, branding, attracting ideal clients, SEO, contracts, and more.

• Up to 3 hours of mentoring in or around Detroit, MI
• Live Shooting. We’ll go over: posing, making connections, settings, and lighting. This will help add to your portfolio and give you an experience!
• Select from portraits, couples, and boudoir (costs extra $75).

This is for Elopement/Wedding Styled Tales. If you want to do a shoot, have the idea, but you don’t know where to start or aren’t interested in planning…. I can help you out! I have contacts to various vendors who can help pull off the shoot of your dreams. Allow me to help bring your vision to life so all you have to do is show up and shoot!

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Styled Shoot/MEntorships

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I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Chettara on many occasions from styled shoots, to my personal headshots, and once as a model. Her attitude and creativity are unmatched in this industry! I can honestly say she has captured some of my most adored images in both my portfolio and personal life! She has a way of making everyone feel so comfortable and just captures their essence in such a unique way! Her passion and attention to detail make her a dream to work with! I highly recommend this talented artist and photographer❣️

Robbin kujus

Chettara, wow a real photojournalist, one of the kindest talent's I have worked with. She does not present/sell herself as a 'photojournalist' but she is very much so. A great shooting style, so fun to work with & quick on the edits. A true professional!!! Shoots real life as you unfold it, gritty & true. You get the chance to work with her, DO IT!

Slick Fergus

Chettara is AMAZING! Our pictures turned out better than I could have imagined that it's so hard to pick a favorite. I mean you look at her work and you're already stunned and then it's your own pictures you're looking at and you're like WOW. She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera that you forget what's happening which is when she captures the best moments. I've recommended her and gushed about her to everyone I know.

gossip girl

aka Karely


I met Chettara on IG and I was a little bit nervous because it was my second time being in front of the camera. She made me feel so comfortable being in front of the camera and is really good at making the experience really personable and memorable. She's really good at making you laugh. After that we decided to shoot a few more times and now 28383 shoots later we've now become really close friends-almost family.


I’ve worked with many photographers over the years, but Chettara is especially a joy to work with. Her very calm, down-to-earth, kind, soft-spoken, respectful, open-minded, patient personality is disarming for, I’m sure, even the most photo-shy. I believe this is much of the reason why she is so successful at bringing any photo subject to life and capturing great moments throughout the shoot, one snap after another - there is something special about her which allows people to feel comfortable being their usual, lovely selves in front of the camera, even when you are both initially strangers to one another. Chettara is a true creative, and I, personally, find her artistic flair to be very aesthetically pleasing.

She is also very organized and prompt with communication. You will see that she really makes the whole process painless and stress-free, before, during, AND after the shoot. I think you will absolutely love working with Chettara.
Love, Sasha Oh

Sasha oh

Chettara has a way of shape shifting into the perfect artist in any situation. She is a great coach, photographer, team player, supporting role, and leader. She is uniquely skilled at creatively making clients of any level of experience feel comfortable and expressive in front of the camera, resulting in beautiful candid moments. Her knack for directing clients in posing, concept, or emotion the photo calls for is unmatched. If you want to feel like you’re floating on a cloud in a dreamscape of romance, she finds the words to bring those expressions out of you. If you want to feel like the most powerful and daring boudoir model, Chettara empowers you to give your fiercest and your best. Truly one of the most professional, fair, and respectful photographers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She and her team set the standard for professional practices and she will make your dreams come true, whatever your creative needs are.

Rachel R.

It was such a pleasure working with Chettara. We couldn’t be happier with our photos! She has a great eye for the candid moments which are our favorite photos in our gallery. Your wedding day is such a blur, Chettara helped capture every little detail we wouldn’t ever want to forget. Chettara doesn’t only bring her talent to your wedding day but her beautiful personality. Chettara met us on the morning of our wedding day with hugs, laughter, and smiles. Chettara helped keep the stress low so we could focus on the important stuff. Chettara’s creativity and passion for her work is evident in every single photo. I would highly recommend Chettara for any of your photography needs!


What a great experience we had with Chettara! Not just a photo shoot but an experience! She was very creative and brought her expertise to make it an awesome session. My daughter took senior pictures with someone else and did not like them at all. Chettara saved the day for us. Her style, flexibility, and energy was a game changer. She is my photographer for life!


Chettara was a pleasure to work with. She was kind, humble and easy to work with. she had a set location in which we conducted our shoot and knew exactly what she wanted. She had a respectable turn around with quality images. I recommend working with chettara if you want a fun, laid back photographer.

chris (Maven)

Chettara has a captive eye for beauty. During our boudoir photoshoot, she made me laugh so much and kept me comfortable. We explored different angles without high expectations for perfection and the shots showed a natural state of beauty with an edge. Chettara simply knows when to take the shot. A great experience, overall respectful of my time and comfort level. Originality and creativity really flowed through the room and the outcomes. I had a great time shooting and laughed harder than I had all month.

Siren "a"

We loved our photoshoot with Chettara. We felt comfortable welcoming her into our home! She's super easy to be around and be ourselves around her. Our dog loved her too! We'd welcome her back into our home absolutely anytime.

Brooke & Cree

Chettara Hunter is a great photographer. She is always aware of the right lighting and background to make the picture pop💥. Her mastery of colors and sight locations are to be seen. She is a joy to work with.

John Dennis

Chettara is very passionate about her work. Its no wonder she is one of the top ten best photographers in the Detroit area.


For the first time I experienced the Siren Tale and Ms. Chettara and her team made feel me super comfortable and confident, it was almost like I was talking with old friends doing a cool project together. Ms. Chettara had a way making feel comfortable in my own skin, she walked through the process of setting up a appointment, having all my curious questions answered swiftly and thoroughly. But most importantly, Ms.Chettara revealed and embraced badass siren in me, a experience that I can define as natural, fearless and dynamic, with her soothing voice and direction I was able to blossom my inner Fire vivaciously and appreciate the sacred being that I am with leaving myself with one question that Ms. Chettara asked me and I now agree on is... “Worried for what?” Thank you for the amazing experience.

Siren "J"

I came to Chettara with a photoshoot idea and no experience in modeling. I wasn't sure what to expect, but she made the entire process easy, fun and stress free. Shooting with her is like taking pictures with an old friend. Nothing felt awkward or rushed, it just felt natural.

Then when it was time to review the pictures, I was amazed at how many there were and how great they turned out. Chettara truly has a gift for photography. It's evident in the way she shoots and in her finished product. I can't recommend her enough.

Hillary V.