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images are mine from the styled tale or mentorship

I ❤️❤️❤️ Chettara because she is hands down one of the best photogs I have met. Her style is a Vibrant Moody! It’s kinda sexy! Her angles are AMAZING. Pays attention to more detail than anyone! one of the few ppl who actually get my crazy and help it come to life!

Ashley | Owner of The Dulce Experience

My mentoring session with Chettara was amazing! She was so informative, helpful, and open with information! She got so excited about my ideas which was incredibly encouraging! During the photography portion she was helpful with tips and tricks while also allowing and encouraging me to do my own thing! I highly recommend this experience! 10/10

Kayla Borbolla | Photographer

Chettara is what I consider to be the queen of styled shoots in Michigan- she is hands down one of the best organizers/visionaries/photographers I’ve had the honor of working with. As a photographer myself, I understand the challenges of working in our industry and I have always been nothing but impressed by how she handles herself, her business, and contributions to the creative community. Not only is she hardworking, intelligent, and extremely organized, but she has a truly genuine spirit that makes collaborating with her entirely enjoyable. Her work speaks for itself, but what her incredible concepts and images can’t tell you that I happily will is that no matter what you are working with her on, you can count on her to be a dynamic and positive presence in every space she occupies.

Samm Oz | Photographer

Chettara is an absolute inspiration when it comes to ambitious and unique styled shoots. I was so lucky to have the opportunity to shoot with her at multiple shoots she dreamt of and designed. It amazes me who and what she can bring together to make magic happen and I'm in awe of her creative ability. Anyone would be lucky to photograph a shoot she's planned. 

Brooke Voeller | photographer

Chettara is an outstanding photographer who pays close attention to detail. I recently took part in a styled shoot and it was well-planned with SEVERAL rooms which had a lot of creativity. She mentored, as well as, allowing all creators to have their own style. This beautifully planned event was awesome to participate in and I cannot wait to work with her, again!

Alyssa Nicole | Owner of Purple Ribbon Rentals, LLC.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Chettara is an amazing person inside and out. I love working with her, especially on styled shoots. She is always on top of the details and responds quickly to any vendors' questions or concerns. She has a brilliant and creative mind when it comes to developing themes, but allows the vendors to let their own expertise shine, which I truly appreciate. She stays organized and is always calm while giving direction, which is definitely a breath of fresh air in this industry. I'd highly recommend her for any photo session you need and I'd certainly recommend her if you're looking to get in on an editorial shoot and get your work published! Thanks for being so rad, Chettara! 💯

Kayla Dunn | Owner of tHE lOST fORTY

Not only is your mind vastly creative and never stopping but your creativity is unique and Raw. Shooting with you is a very amazing experience, you are patient and goofy and serious and hard working all at the right times! You are dedicated and helpful and will do anything to get your shot! You make me confident and make your models feel carefree and beautiful. Not only are you an amazing woman but you are an amazing artist as well! That is the honest truth 💕

Daniela Lisi | Photographer

This girl is the QUEEN of styled shoots. Her collaboration sourcing is always on point and her stylist black book must be bulging with how many vendors she works with. Her themes are continually ahead of their time -- and exactly what brides like to see in your portfolio. Especially if you're a new wedding photographer (like I was!) she gives excellent direction and offers a wide array of models to fill in your portfolio to meet all your needs and help your clients see themselves reflected in your work.

Mechelle Sieglitz | Photographer

Chettara is so easy and fun to work with. Always having a creative touch and twist on weddings and events. Makes the photos have life to them.

TEd M. | Events at The Whiskey Factory