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“When you can’t change the direction of the wind,
adjust your sails.”


– H. Jackson Brown

I photograph honest moments, natural smiles, love at its finest, and kickass brands. I’m addicted to capturing who you are and your tale as it unfolds (the photojournalistic approach gives me life). I can occasionally be found sipping on bubble tea while indulging in Doctor Who, Sherlock, or Merlin marathons; it’s safe to say the British Broadcasting Company basically owns my life. My name is Chettara and I’m a photographer and geek.

Being someone diagnosed with Lupus at 16, I had to give up my ultimate goal of being a member of the Air Force. I pretty much cried for weeks after the recruiter told me Lupus is a no go for the military. So, I went to my guidance counselor and we discussed my options and he told me the quote by H. Jackson Brown. Words that are powerful and will forever resonate with me. After my first year of Law School, I felt a bit empty and sat down to take a serious look at my life. I decided to follow the whispers of my heart that said I belong behind the camera. You see, since I was 5 and given my first camera by my grandmother I've entered and won many competitions but I never saw it as a career path and pretty much wrote it off until 2016. I'm extremely blessed to be able to work with so many amazing people and I see nothing but amazing things ahead. I would like to send a special thank you to Mr. Branch of the then Murray-Wright High School for being my guiding light.

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Puppies (especially my loves Naiki & Sherlock) • Tattoos • Marvel • Road Trips • 90s R&B • Halloween • Pineapples on Pizza • Greek Mythology • Late Night Reading • Netflix • Bubble Tea • AUTUMN • SWEAT PANTS • VACATIONS • FAMILY • Dessert • BAKING CUPCAKES • Cacti • PEONIES • Lavender • Succulents • HAND LETTERING • Addams Family • The Munsters • Queen • JACK DANIELS • pinball • Jupiter • A-Frame Houses • pins • Alice in wonderland

I take the photojournalistic approach to capture who you are, your brand, and your vibe. We’ll talk, we’ll laugh, sometimes we’ll cry, and we’ll get some good shots in!

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