A Rainy Ice Cream Tale

2 love birds, ice cream, and a surprise downpour made for an amazing evening full of all the good vibes.

Originally, the plan was to snag some amazing ice cream from Reilly Craft Creamery in Detroit and get some laughs in but a sudden burst of rain had us changing up things a bit. After getting soaked while getting ice cream we ran into a random apartment complex.


To think… if we waited 10-15 mins we could’ve avoided the entire soaked situation but then we would’ve missed precious moments so it was totally worth it, the wet butt driving home included.


I love how after the storm cleared up, the sun was shining on them while you can see pieces of the storm behind them. It almost looks photoshopped but since I don’t use that… no worries. 🙂

We ended with some beautiful lighting that gave me all the feels! Seriously, how amazing are these two lovely souls?!?!

They are just do adorable and fun to work with!