Threads of Fate, A Siren’s Tale (Boudoir Experience)

Officially declaring this as the time you celebrate how amazing and beautiful you are with a unique Boudoir Photography experience.

Introducing, Threads of Fate, A Siren’s Tale! This set up will be given ONE TIME ONLY on June 7th!!

$275: Receive 30min Tale and 20+ Hi-Res Edited Images
$375: Above & 1-2 min video

A deposit of $125 is required to secure your spot.

We will also be doing Mini Siren Tales on June 13th & 14th for the same pricing.

I had a Q+A on Instagram and was asked, “What makes Threads of Fate so special to you?” and I wanted to share that answer here as well.

*Fates are three goddesses from Greek Mythology who presided over the birth and life of humans. Each person’s destiny was thought of as a thread spun, measured, and cut by them. You were thought of and born exactly as you were meant to be (which to me is beautiful and amazing). Threads of Fate is special to me, not just because it’s unique set up but because of the feeling with them. It is meant to make you feel dreamy, beautiful, powerful, and badass… just like you were spun as.


You don’t want to miss out!