A Siren Tale ft. Siren “A”

One of the things I love the most about Siren Tales are the freedom in them. Every tale is different, just like people. Some like to go modest while some like to go daring. Siren A and I went the more modest route. We laughed and had a blast. Check out some sneak peeks from Siren A’s Tale.

We may have even danced around a little…. we’ll mainly she did while I swayed to the music. Hello, my name is Chettara, I can take amazing photos of you but I can’t hold a beat to save my life.


I also, can’t forget these… how amazing is Siren A right?!?!

More Siren Tales please!!!



“Chettara has a captive eye for beauty. During our boudoir photoshoot, she made me laugh so much and kept me comfortable. We explored different angles without high expectations for perfection and the shots showed a natural state of beauty with an edge. Chettara simply knows when to take the shot. A great experience, overall respectful of my time and comfort level. Originality and creativity really flowed through the room and the outcomes. I had a great time shooting and laughed harder than I had all month.” -Siren A