The Fox & The Hare | Zootopia

We all have movies that we’re a tad bit obsessed with, right?! For me it’s Zootopia. I love me some Judy & Nick. So I teamed up with Floral Designer The Modern Mauve, Bridal Salon LeeAnne’s Luxury Bridal, and two love birds and made some Zootopia magic!!

Before the madness started (we totally shot this in the middle of a snowstorm), we took some traditional shots before transforming this amazing couple into Judy & Nick.


Hello Judy & Nick!!!



Pre-Going out into the storm…. I just love everyone who came together for my craziness so much!!!!



Into the storm!!



I’m here for it!!



Of course we ended with something to warm us up! It was sooo cold!



Can’t wait for take two for Judy & Nick’s summer date. It’s going to be a blast.